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We defend all Criminal Charges, here’s some information on some of our practice areas.

Why Choose Us?

Dealing with Criminal Charges can be very stressful that’s why you need a good criminal defence lawyer at your side that can fight for you and guide you through the justice system ensuring your rights are protected and you achieve the most successful results possible.

We are persuasive, powerful and passionate in representing each and every one of our clients. As your criminal lawyer we will provide you with aggressive representation and a commitment to success. We represent clients on all and any criminal charges in Ontario, including Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga and the rest of Southern Ontario.

Extensive Trial Experience

We Represent Clients at every stage of the process from being arrested, to Bail Hearings, Trials, Appeals, 524 Applications, Resolution Meetings with the Crown Attorney, Judicial Pre Trials, and so on.  We have often been successful in getting criminal charges withdrawn,  through diversion, or an alternative measures program.

Affordable Payment Plans

We often do block flat fee’s so that you know what your paying and can budget accordingly with no surprises.     In some cases when necessary we may be able to offer you a monthly payment plan.   We believe that everyone just have access to a good defence regardless of their economic means.

Appointment Flexibility

We offer flexible appointments if necessary,  including weekends and evenings.